Sunday, April 16, 2006

Boetje's, It's A Good Thing!

(pronounced "boat-chee")
I know this is a first but I actually found a positive comment to make about a manufactured food. I grew up on this stuff but never gave it much thought because it was just always in the fridge. It's been years since I've had this stuff. I looked in the local markets for a mustard like it but could never find anything.
Recently, out of the blue, my dad sent me two bottles for Easter. I know, I laughed because I received mustard for Easter while my kids got candy. What is my dad trying to say to me. Anyway, this was the mustard I've been looking for. I remember it now. The reason I could never find it was because for one, I didn't know the name. The other is that for the most part they were only marketing it in the Quad Cities, Illinois.
I don't know if Boetje's Mustard wants to be mentioned on this blog but I couldn't resist. This is the best mustard, period. I can no longer eat another sandwich without this on it. Well, maybe not on a peanut butter and jam sandwich.
Besides the the beautiful flavor of this mustard, it creates this wonderful, warm, tingly sensation that rushes from the roof of the mouth to the crown of the head and sometimes even makes the hair stand on end. If you're one who likes spicy mustard, you will absolutely love this Boetje's Dutch Mustard. You may have some trouble finding it depending where you live. Some stores will special order, such as Albertson's Foods. You can also order it directly from there website.
Take a look at there website, they have some interesting information and recipes.


Rick Stabile said...

Hah. This is a good solid Dutch mustard. I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and I have found in three places: Valli Produce; EuroFresh; and World Market.

There's an even better mustard out there, though. It comes from Germany. "Löwensenf", or "Lion's Mustard".

Try it if you can find it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the website is no longer working, but they just won the gold medal in Napa for mustard!

This is truly outstanding mustard and a corned beef or pastrami sandwich without it is like eating them with mayonaise!

Too bad it's not a nationally distributed product. We import from Rock Island whenever anyone comes to visit!

They recently won a prize in Napa for best mustard!

Anonymous said...

My 86 year old dad turned me on to this as a kid. He grew up in Moline, IL. I found it on the internet and started ordering it. I acnnot find the compnay web site anymore. So I ordered it from a google site. Love this mustard!