Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good-Bye Google Ads

You will notice there are no more google ads. After more than 5000 visitors I have yet to receive anything for having these ads on the blog. Oh, well, I have been entertained about the ads that end up here. For example, when I mentioned how it was difficult to tell the difference between cinnamon and shit splatters on cinnamon rolls. Google ads placed ads for cinnamon rolls. Or the article I posted about the bird head found in bean cans, Google placed ads for beans. However, I don't like them placing ads for things I don't want to promote.
I do think google is a good thing but I just don't think Google ads is for me or my blog. I also think the appearance of the blog is more appealing without all the ads. I get tired of seeing ads as does everyone. Therefore, they are gone. If I have an ad it will be for something relative to my blog.


Floyd said...

You know I heard these adds just take up space and well I guess you have kind of confirmed it for me, because 5,000 hit and nothing is good information to me, thanks for the info.

Susan L. Prince said...

Hmmm, I was always wondering if those ads paid off for people.

I myself don't like seeing them on blogs, and in fact, with Firefox, I can choose to not have to see them at all! (Which I would think defeats the entire purpose for people placing them on their blogs anyway.)

Sampsa said...

The ad thing is hype. Bloggers like Problogger claim that they make a decent amout of bucks with these ads, but the reason they are blogging is the money. I like to concentrate on writing thoughtful propaganda :-))

I once saw an adsence ad advertising prison jumpsuit halloween costumes in a human rights site. They happened to be writing about Guantanamo.

The Ultimate Groupie said...

In terms of search engine functionality, google ads do not suit your blog. It is more for blogs that cater to one area, and do not include any personal thoughts. You literally have to be aware of how you write your articles if you want google to work for you, i.e keywords locations, bold letters, etc.

Is your 5000 hits mainly from search engines or from blog exchange sites like Blog Explosion or Blog Clicker? Because I find that search engine hits generate more clicks while the exchange sites are useless when it comes to google ads. Some people are genuinely interested in reading the blogs, most most are there to get "empty" hits.

I don't agree with what "sampsa" said about Problogger. Out of all the websites that offer blogger advice, Problogger is one of the best, if not the best. You can get a wealth of information from Problogger. In fact, having great articles and making money from adsense goes hand in hand. It's just that it's unfortunate that there is a lot of garbage sites out there or experimental sites.

I don't mind seeing ads on sites, I have them on all of mine. No one has ever complained, and until that happens, it will stay there. My take on ads is that if you want to click them because you are interested, then click them, if not, move on the the content.

Sigsputnik said...

I've been approved for adwords (yay me!) but I really doubt I'll put them on my blog. They screw up the layout and appearance, and I think they genuinely send a signal of financial acquisition. Good on you.


Mom, Interrupted said...

Now wait a minute, there is trouble in River City!

I am here to tell you, in fact I will email my Google statement if you like,

I have Grossed $.63 from my Blog and Google!

I have been debating this same thing; to delete or not. You can customize the adds. Too much trouble for .63...

What about content...does it help your content?

duwbryd said...

I'm sure Google ads make a lot of people money but in the last year I have grossed $6.63. I think that means I would have to wait until I've made another $93.37 before I get paid. That means never as far as I'm concerned.
I'm no pro blogger but I don't know how it would help my blog with relative content. When I told about the dead man's body being left in the beet sugar silo, I got ads selling sugar. For most blogs I think this would work great but I don't like it with my stories. I saw how I could filter out specific ads but there are just to many to bother in my case.

Cruxley said...

I was wondering if anyone else had the same experience. I just started but have had a lot of hits and only three clicks on the ads.

The Ultimate Groupie said...

I have a handful of blog sites that incorporate ads. Since I still have the ads on most of them, I can't exactly say how much I make (Google has all seeing eyes..hehe). But! It is not enough yet to quit my day job, and more than enough to buy a few pairs of great high heel shoes in a month.

Your site's counter should be one of your best friends. You have to look at where your hits are from, how long they stay, how they enter and exit. Whether or not you have ads, you should still keep an eye on your stats.

Mom Interrupted: Your Psych Ward blog should have been a great keyword blog. But,because it is a chronicle of your journey, there is very few mention of psych terminology. Words like "Bipolar", " Mental illness" in a blog get great ads, and they pay well. You are just lacking the right words in your content (not enough of it). I don't think you should change your entries just to satisfy this, but a little modification will go a long way.