Monday, April 02, 2012

Quiet the Mind

Spend some time in silence, not thinking or feeling anything. Start small and gradually increase the time, but never force it. You just sit quietly, any place you will not be disturbed, at home, at the library, in the park, or in the car is fine. Start with 10 minutes and eventually increase to maybe 30 minutes or even 4 hours. Just sit there, either with eyes open and spaced out or eyes closed and aware but not sleeping. Wear sunglasses if it helps so people aren't wondering what you are looking at and asking you about it.  Eventually you will be able to do this even while you are doing other things. Thoughts will appear but do not be the thoughts, let them pass like clouds without acknowledging them. If it is hard not to think, then just be aware of your breathing but don't try to change your breathing. And also be separate from your thoughts, you are not your thoughts. Once you get in the habit of doing this, there is actually something you want to look at. It is a little difficult to explain this. In fact, I will just briefly tell you but I will most likely need to elaborate another time. But, there is an awareness that is always present in everyone at all times. It is beyond thoughts. When your eyes are open it is right there and when you close your eyes it is still there. You can not pinpoint it you can just observe that it is there. It has always been there, you just most likely never noticed it. It will quiet your mind and you will know peace like you never knew before.

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