Saturday, May 05, 2012

Few Care about Health

Of all the people I know of personally, less than a handful even care about their health.  I know a lot about how to be healthy and how to have a near perfect diet but really I don't care so much about health and diet anymore.  It is not really the important thing in this life and I think I have decided that I don't feel like trying to share this with anyone anymore.  If you ask me, I will tell you what I remember.  I am about to forget all that. I forgot about what it took to make money several years ago, it is not the important thing in life.  I will be forgetting a lot of useless things in the near future.  One other thing, I am going to forget how this world plays out it's story.  It is a terrible story, I am glad it is just a dream.  I am soon to check out of the story of this world.  I am a free man.  I just am.  Nothing more.  And when it is time for this to die, it and you will no longer exist.  However, the I (that is "You" included) never dies.

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